Little Friends of GO Projects

Over the years, we have met many great people while working on our projects. We have also met many great animals of our clients. We haven’t captured images of them all, but here are a few of the ones we have. If we have done work for you in the past and you would like to add your pet to the list, please send us a photo.


Nellie- Go Projects
chief relationship builder

We couldn’t leave one of our key team members off our “friends” page. Nellie is 11 years old now and has been a regular visitor to many job sites



Stella wasn’t around until we finished the project but was quite willing to get into the completion photos.


Hughie- Hughson ResidencE

This cocky guy resides in the backyard of an East Van home that we did a beautiful kitchen renovation for


Bandit- Musil Residence

This little guy….and his relatives of many years, would come by the house our clients bought everyday for a month until they realized the gravy train had stopped.


Burnham- VanBibber residence

Burnham is an 8 year old chocolate lab. He apparently eats every meal thats put in front of him in exactly 26 seconds. Now thats “fast food”.


Reggie- Designer Kirstin’s New LovE

Little Reggie was just 8 weeks old when Kirstin decided to take the plunge with this oohh so cute guy.


Bert - Little guy with style

Our designer Kirstin’s little guy Bert.
Bert sadly passed last spring. He was quite a character…and Kirstin’s best work buddy.


Trouble x2 -
Johannessen Office

We converted a garage into an office for our client and these two are making good use of the slippery Baltic Birch floor.


Currie-Shearer residence

Greyhound or Whippet?? If you guessed Whippet, you would be correct. Nijo as her owner describes, is a very calm, sweet Whippet…..a big one!